Board of Directors


Kurtis Wolford, Woodbridge Golf & C.C.                                    Sierra Nevada Chapter


Vice President     

Glenn Matthews, CGCS   Visalia Country Club                        Central California Chapter



Cody Layton    Fairbank Ranch G.C.                                         San Diego Chapter


Past President   

Jim Ferrin, CGCS    Sun City Roseville                                    Sierra Nevada Chapter


Chapter Representatives to the Board

Northern California

  • Jim Abate  PGA Tour Agronomy

Southern California

  • Dan Cruse  Santa Ana Country Clun

  • John Nachreiner  Shady Canyon Golf Club

HiLo Desert Chapter

  • Tyler Truman    Sun City Palm Desert

  • Jim Schmid    The Lakes Country Club

San Diego Chapter     

  • Vince Zellefrow  El Camino Country Club

Central California Chapter

  • Steve Showers          Brookside Country Club

Affiliate Representatives

  • Pete Bowman    BoTerra

  • Jim Culley   Seed King Company

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